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Nougat Nuclear jujube cake

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Lee home uphold a natural, healthy food, to meet every gourmet mouth, the use of advanced natural ingredients, do not add any artificial flavor. High-fiber low-sugar jujube mud, coupled with the United States California imports, the freshest, the best quality walnut, completely hand-made. QQ! Soft! It will not stick teeth, after the mouth of the mouthful of aroma, so that your body is full of happiness and vitality. All the people who have said "delicious !! delicious !! really good to eat!", Even Yilan friends, her ninety-six-year-old grandmother love to eat! I believe this is your best choice for gifts The
Pure hand-refined nougat is the use of Australian imports of cream, milk powder, Kansai Wen Jiabao organic green tea, the Netherlands cocoa powder, Taiwan's natural red yeast rice, a variety of flavors, QQ! No sticky teeth, do not add color and flavor. Taste and hardness can choose their own, gifts for their own two affordable, limited production, need three working days, want t... [Details]