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ProMax Electronics Co Ltd

We Bring Technology and ODM/OEM Design 1.HDMI and Video application design。 ...

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Promax Electronics CO., LTD was founded on Nov 7, 2007 and has focused on professional video and  PC and Cell Phone Periphery、RAM、MCU、FPGA 、 Located at Xizhi in Taiwan。

ODM Business Project : ODM & OEM Design Product
1. HDMI 4X4,8×8,16×16 Matrix、splitter、switch、extender for multimedia application.
2. DVI,Display Port,VGA Over Cat-5,Display Port,Valens,KVM,USB C Type development and design.
DVI and HDMI digital Teaching broadcast system development and design。(common sales)。
3. Digital Signage broadcast system with Cloud server development and design.
4. IoT product  development and design. (Wi-Fi,BT4.0,Zigbee 3.0)
5. IoT/P2P Cloud Server development and design.
6. ARM、MCU、FPGA 、CPLD F/W Programming
7. 醫療美容機產品(手機版低週波)開發設計+ 手機APP控制。
8. BT 4.0藍芽產品硬體、軟體、韌體客製化開發。(nRF51822、nRF51822、Ti BLE Chip)
9. Apple IOS and Android APK  s/w development and design.
10. GPS+GSM/GPRS or WCDMA  development and desi... [Details]