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Tai Sheng Lee Ltd.Corp.

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"In our previous generation of ancestors, are considered serious business
[Credit] is their most important part of the [too profitable] is to take their own grandfather generation has opened the name of the company [too Health], take the name, with the heritage means that their business to do as their elders , It is serious, the customer should be absolute integrity, the spirit of the older generation inherited.

In our eyes, the guarantee of credit and quality is the core value of their business, not only to learn such a spirit, but also to carry forward the spirit, so take its name, means that the inheritance of mind, but also to mention the point, Credit] and [quality] is our largest intangible assets.

Tai Sheng Lee Ltd.Corp.
Professional to provide: hand soap, liquid soap, dry hand OEM, anti-mosquito liquid, aloe vera gel
Handmade Soap is the traditional European cold system of soap
Responsible person: Liu Hongyi
May 2007 set up its own brand
Monopoly business registration cer... [Details]