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Bauer,Germany  / Danfoss, Denmark / Energy saving lighting /Small wind turbine

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Thorium new power was established in the end of 2006, the official operation in early 2007, although the company was established not long, but the management of the mechanical and electrical integration industry has many years of practical and management experience, in the early days of the main management team are betting on mechanical power transmission In the field, with years of experience in the industry, to provide customers with complete mechanical and electrical integration, and provide the industry's high-quality European advanced mechanical and electrical integration of the entire transmission components.
In view of the current warming of the Earth, energy shortage, in view of this, thorium new power, especially the establishment of the energy sector to actively promote the green energy products, optical energy-saving lamps and small wind turbines and other energy-saving carbon-saving products, hoping to this energy shortage The occasion, slightly cotton thin power.
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