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Environmental medication

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"Thirty" and "established", "Ye"
Starting from the meager funds, Bingzhe adhere to the environment friendly, in 1994 in 1994, Li Ye Co., Ltd. was born. From the original scientific park wafer cleaning, the design of clean room ozone machine, the development of ink for the formulation design and cosmetics development, we are a small and beautiful, uphold the product of the Earth's environment harmless company. To minimize the impact of the environment to achieve the quality of human health to enhance the quality, continue to invest R & D funds, along the way has developed a variety of pest control bait and related physical control equipment.
In 2011, AD officially set up factories in Taoyuan to focus on the development of formulations and dosage forms, and rapid testing of heavy metals, and further contribute to social and environmental protection. In addition to the development of environmental pharmaceutical products, the company's diversified business, the future will be able ... [Details]