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Subvert the traditional marketing model, to create unlimited possibilities
GOGOFINDER electronic publication
GOGOFINDER is an e-book based digital marketing service. Not only to retain the advantages of physical print, but also has the convenience of network information, and add voice, images, movies, hyperlinks and e-commerce ... ... and other multimedia interactive features. Edit the way simple, easy operation, the current user of the smallest national niche, up to 80 years old grandparents.

In order to provide better service, keep seeking improvement. GOGOFINDER in the interface and function has been greatly changed, the biggest change is that we changed the old way of multimedia editing, so that users are no longer a page as a unit to add multimedia, but can circle their own district In addition, GOGOFINDER's website platform has also been significantly revised, not only for the search engine to do the optimization, so that your [...] E-books are easier to find and p... [Details]