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All kinds of duct components, rubber hose, water heater, gas furnace, hood, f...

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Lu Tai Industrial all kinds of duct components, rubber hoses, water heaters, gas stoves, hoods, forced exhaust pipe spare parts, and all walks of life are closely linked, but also the first to adopt the first The Ministry of Economic Affairs Standard Inspection Bureau of qualified CNS9620 gas fuel for rubber gas pipe, CNS test qualified gas regulator and other broad areas.

To improve the quality of gas equipment and domestic industrial pipe for the range hood, bathroom exhaust fan, aerospace industry, refrigeration and air conditioning, electronics, semiconductors, clean room, PCB, LCB, chemical plants, Tube, antistatic tube, conductive tube, clean room tube, frozen air conditioning hose, dust pipe and other industrial pipe industry machinery and equipment are applicable
, Such as: aluminum telescopic duct, P U pipe, double silicone cloth cloth duct, nylon cloth duct, P P folding duct, the folder composite aluminum foil duct and so on ... to enhance the quality of domestic industri... [Details]