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Pineapple cakes, egg yolk crisp, green beans Pong, small moon cake, nuts and ...

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Located in the new North City Yonghe District [Han Fang cake art], the franchise all kinds of traditional Chinese pastry, especially signs of bean paste filling, fragrant taste, both at home and abroad between consumers, have a very high rating The 10 years ago, the first generation of Mr. Li Minlang in Taipei City Changan Road, opened the "Kaihuang forest" cake shop, Lee was born in the birthplace of Chinese food - Taichung, since more than a dozen Year-old began to study all kinds of Chinese food and West Point, the accumulation of solid, skilled technology, coupled with the store material is real, delicate taste, so regardless of Mid-Autumn Festival, New Year holidays or weekdays always crowded, Cake, not only loved by the elders, and even married into the daughter of Lee, the first taste of the time also scared to Heaven, from the fall of the Chinese food cake simple, delicate taste; although a few years ago, Li old teacher retired, but consumption In order to respond to customer expectations, but also could not bear to remember the memory of the delicious from the loss, so the second generation of Mr. Li Dongkun and other co-founded the [Han Fang cake art] , Invited Li master as technical director, so that "Han Square" will be the good taste of the Chinese food continue to carry forward, heritage
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Company Name: Hanfang Company Type: 企业单位 ()
Area: New Taipei City Company Size:
Registered Capital: N/A Registered Year: 2009
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Business Scope: Pineapple cakes, egg yolk crisp, green beans Pong, small moon cake, nuts and other small points