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Digisine Energytech Co., Ltd.

Green energy (lighting integration system); health care (hearing aid / tooth ...

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Yuan Hao Energy Co., Ltd., based in Taiwan, is one of Taiwan's many manufacturers to provide new and innovative products, production in Taiwan, a variety of goods and sales to the rest of the world, so many consumers can enjoy a more convenient life, With DigiMax, AUTOMAXX, ear treasure, cleaning and other fields of different brands.

We focus on the development of new products, and the new ideas to join the existing products, users want to get more convenient life, we "create the highest value" for the company's purpose, all of all This is the foundation. Including the introduction of research and development, production of new ideas, including the introduction of new channels on the marketing and so on. All want to let consumers can when needed, in the hope that the place, you can get the goods in line with demand.

In order to implement the "creation of the highest value", we will adhere to the sustainable development of new products, beliefs, and to enhance their products, hopin... [Details]