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Timmy Enterprise Co., Ltd. is the daily necessities of life, the development of production and wholesale as the main axis, we set up plastic molding plant in Taiwan (Xinzhuang), the mainland set up a stainless steel manufacturing plant (Guangdong), its development and manufacturing and production departments, Specializing in the manufacture of household goods, including the crisper, microwave boxes, storage boxes, medicine boxes, stationery, advertising Cup, readily Cup, repair capacity, sports bottle, vacuum flask, environmental protection Cup, travel mugs, mugs, Stainless steel pots, glassware, green chopsticks, handbags, bags, suitcases, backpacks, USB flash drives, gifts, gifts, advertising promotions, opening gifts, shareholders gifts, community handover gifts, Department stores anniversary gifts, credit card ceremony, to the ceremony, the full amount of ceremony, commemorative gifts, household gifts, etc .; from design, mold, manufacturing. We uphold the integrity, innovation,... [Details]