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Hawyang Semiconductor Corp.

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Hao Yang has excellent products and professional technical support, is committed to improving the customer's product market competitiveness, customers become the best partner to develop the market. Hao Yang uphold the spirit of customer service, with the customer's needs, quickly provide Customer product research and development information and countermeasures.Hao Yang customer management, and the market and products in-depth understanding, so not only can quickly provide customers with the specifications of the parts, and timely cooperation with the upstream manufacturers, and can continue to develop new Of the parts and high-quality products for customers to use.Hao Yang's growth goal is product diversification, technical expertise, comprehensive services to continuous self-growth and innovation to achieve the win-win situation in the upper and lower reaches of the industry.
In order to provide better technical services, in 2000 the establishment of "Power Division R & D Cente... [Details]