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Yesin enterprise Co., Ltd.

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The company was established in 1990 in 1990, was founded in Taiwan Yingge ceramics town, by the founder of Mr. Wang Xiongwan professional research, development and design, and towards the modernization of scientific and technological progress and improvement, and the concept of human science and technology in the kiln industry Is second to none.

In the design of the kiln on the company uphold the customer in the least profit-making way to serve customers, and in the kiln are tailored, according to customer demand and capacity to complete the design.

In the 2000 economic downturn, the company in the design and manufacture of not affected, in the kiln industry to bear the brunt of the development of man-machine operation, not only can reduce the management of manpower, reduce the cost of personnel, improve the quality of products, In the kiln maintenance on the province.

The company continued to continue the professional research and development and design of the spirit, to create ... [Details]