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TECH LEAD Enterprise Co.,Ltd.

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Since the establishment of the company since 1989 has been committed to the application of high-pressure fluid technology business. Over the years from Europe and the United States and other countries to introduce high-quality special components and equipment, while promoting its application technology to assist the domestic industry manufacturing technology upgrades in recent years to further develop Various types of high-pressure fluid application equipment to serve the needs of customers.

The company is now Haskel, BuTech Taiwan agents, and custom design and manufacture of related equipment, system circuit ... and so on, sold separately pressure regulator, accumulator and other high-voltage circuit-related components.

contact method:

TEL: (02) 2692-3628

TAX: (02) 2692-3900

Address: New North City, Shunde District Road 392 Lane 37 Lane Lane No. 29 [Details]