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Watches, mobile power, other 3C products

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The company engaged in watch parts, into the table of production and sales, with 30 years of experience, there are also selling 3C products, such as mobile power, USB flash drive, mouse, Bluetooth speakers, LED lamps, etc., to provide corporate gifts wholesale Procurement and retail services.

Own brand HOBOB, AVERY, NEW CITY, CHMAN, REMAX, Qdd, PROKUN ... etc ??

Disney brand authorization:?
Disney series (Mickey Minnie, Snow White, Little Winnie the Pooh, Ice and Snow, Beauty and the Beast, Alice)
Pixar series (Toy Story, Monster University, Monster Power Company, Auto Story)?
Marie Series (Avenger Alliance, Spider-Man) ??

Action power: its own brand (Po crown), and provide OEM, ODM services
Business Nature: Export, import, manufacturing, wholesale, service, retail
The main products: watches, watch parts, mobile power, gifts, million conversion plug, USB flash drive, fan, mouse, 3C surrounding, speakers, telescopic wire
Year of Establishment (USD): 1985
Major Trade Are... [Details]