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Look back on the course of producing pen, Hsiyu specialize in carving copper aluminum tube for pen and inlaid diamond mirrors since 1975. Back then, industry for pen was still undeveloped with only semi-mechanized technology.

Until the late 1980s when the assembly line was established, intelligent auto mass production line brought Taiwan into its golden age of pen marking.

However, as factories started moving to its new site, China around 1990,pen production in Taiwan met its recession stage; and it never came back up for a decade or so.

After long years of deep thinking, we thought that pen making should be enlisted in the manufacturing industry, well-known pens are after all came out of the hands of delicate crafting technology.

I believe there is no career living in twilight, as long as you have the skill and technology as strong as the sun, time will take its course and all the effort will reflect on the output, just like flowers bloomed after a good cultivation. We accu... [Details]