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Was established in 1988, in addition to import and export, the leading development for the garden, balcony, roof use of the economic wind direction, economical and practical, many styles. As long as the surrounding environment can be installed without obstacles; DIY assembly is simple, is the new focus of vision. Another large wind direction machine (W: 106CMxH: 380CM, 70KGs), has won the Ministry of Economic Affairs Intellectual Property Invention patent and the United States patent invention 20 years, please contact. * The bigger the wind speed, the faster the propeller rotates! The wind changes, the fuselage rotates toward the wind direction. We call it "the compass of the wind" - Jackey Wind Compass.
Should the market demand, especially the introduction of rental services: rental venue potted plants, large fountains, large statues and to accept the production of exhibition venues and other props. Operating the characteristics of fine furnishings - special folk art, because the r... [Details]