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Large bone meal, chicken soup powder, firewood flavor, mushroom flavor source...

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fresh Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in March 21, 1988, with natural spices started, and then across the product powder soup, spice two areas. Is committed to the production of condiments, in the process of growing up, follow the evolution of the trend, to grasp the changes in consumer life, continue to expand new products, homeopathy, at the right time, in the appropriate market, the development of appropriate products, and Will be the existing resources to be integrated, use and play, and then create a multiplication of the synergy. In 1994, Taiwan set off a rush shabu-shabu boom, 100 homeopathic launch of the representative of "100 fresh bones soup powder", widely acclaimed by the catering industry, in the foreign brand of soup seasoning market, to "big bone" to play bright results The Has been operating (with a kilogram) specifications to sell 10 million cans of success, but also exported to the United States, China, Britain, Spain, Australia, South Korea, Spain and other ... [Details]