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All kinds of injection molding machine (Injection molding machine) and indust...

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Company Name: Xin Pan Motor Co., Ltd.
Uniform number: 22640986
Responsible person: Wang Guowang
Tel: 062971614
Fax: 062972114
Address: (24251) Xinbei City Xinzhuang District Siyuan Road 29, 12th floor
Website: www.cpmic.com.tw
Contact: Cai Qingqi
E-mail: cpmic.com@msa.hinet.net
Sales of various types of injection molding machine (Injection molding machine) and industrial machinery microcomputer controller, all kinds of high and low voltage switchboard and automatic control system design and manufacturing, all kinds of machinery and parts of the design and manufacture of various electrical products and instrument design and manufacturing
Related Certification: August 1998 the company's products CE300E / SPC-30E / CE330E / SPC-33E, through the CE certification [Details]