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Hot air circulation oven, high temperature furnace, clean oven, vacuum oven, ...

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First, the company specializes in manufacturing and production of various types of equipment, calibration test equipment, plastic and mixed
Second, the company has sheet metal cutting, sheet metal, punch, folding bed, assembly, distribution and other equipment and people
Only to achieve strict quality control, and create the most satisfied with the quality of customers
Third, business philosophy: innovation, quality, service
Company history
In October 1987 the Company was established
In May 1990, CN was purchased to improve the quality of the box
January 1992 to reform the box structure and appearance of the update, but also access to a wide range of buyers and customers willing
Set and support
January 1994 committed to the quality of reform, and strive to cultivate R & D personnel and professional talent
January 1996 began to expand the mainland market and study
December 1997 purchase of the plant at the site
In April 2000 the second plant plant extension, full dedica... [Details]