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Fire escape with smoke hood, fire blanket Insect repellent wristbands, insect...

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Ningwei Technology was established in April 1987, the predecessor of Yufang Chemical, founder of Mr. Cai Yutang.
Mr. Cai in the service when the US military units exposed to gas masks,
After the use of the relevant experience will improve the anti-gas mask and light, to create the first generation of smoke hood, light and easy to carry both security.
For decades to provide fire escape equipment to the major hospitals, restaurants and companies line number, for the people to do their best.

Ningwei technology heart of user safety, a product to the highest level of quality, in addition to the legitimate registration of the factory,
Products have also been testing and certification of domestic and foreign institutions, and the rich state property insurance up to 20 million yuan,
Ningwei smoke hood more in 1998 to participate in the exhibition was affirmed, won the G-Mark award! [Details]