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Queen Tung Co., Ltd.

Precision Parts: Hydraulic Parts, Pneumatic Parts, Construction Machinery Pa...

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The company is located in Taiwan, with advanced composite milling machine, precision CNC grinding machine, honing machine, TIG welding machine, injection molding machine, all kinds of special processing Machine, and complete professional inspection equipment ‧ with a complete secondary processing capability, surface treatment and heat treatment

Manufacture of precision parts, precision outside diameter grinding, precision hole honing, TIG welding, all kinds of solenoid valve OEM / ODM. Made by: hydraulic oil machinery parts manufacturing, automobile / construction machinery parts manufacturing, medical parts manufacturing, precision parts manufacturing, precision outside diameter grinding,

The company also engaged in various types of coil OEM / ODM, for different customer needs to use different electromagnetic steel for manufacturing development and testing, our products are 100% through the electrical safety inspection.

Manufacturing category: empty oil COIL parts manufacturing... [Details]