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July 20, 1974, in Taipei's most lively Ximending, the top quack fried chicken set up the first store, the top of the special delicious meal, since many people in the eyes of fried chicken fast food symbol.
Over the years, the top of the set in the Taiwan has set up dozens of chain stores, the top of the fine quality of chicken meal to fight the name, but also developed a multi-national cuisine, constantly innovation, hope to bring consumers a variety of unique new delicious enjoyment.
40 years, the top of the steady growth of the footsteps, uphold is to cherish the attitude of employees, and people-oriented business philosophy, focusing on business growth at the same time, more attention to care for employees; top quack chairman that - when the enterprise can provide adequate The stability of the security, so that employees can not worry about, and devote themselves to play the director, but also hope to take this to carry out the ceremony with the Datong published by the "old end, ... [Details]