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Molded transformer, molded bus, composite bipolar plate, fuel cell

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Unelectra International Corp. (UIC)
Is a group of engineers with deep technical experience, under the guidance of the Industrial Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, established in 1986; the initial production of molded cast transformers (Cast Resin Transformer referred to as CRT) mainly during the access to a variety of certification and awards, Both in the country or abroad have access to excellent sales performance and reputation. In view of the concentrated experience of molding technology and accumulated experience, in line with market demand in 2000, Sheng Ying further research and development of the transformer molding technology to expand the product - Casting Bus (Cast Resin Busway System referred to as CRB) , The introduction of listed, follow-up for the company to stabilize the growth and sustainable management purposes, and further cooperation with the ITRI to develop fuel cell key components - bipolar board and other core expertise related to high-tech products, ... [Details]