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Morewell Wilmar - Pool Rods mark III VI
Products: Hits: 163Morewell Wilmar - Pool Rods mark III VI 
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Updated: 2017-11-03 13:50
The rod for stocking fish body type year-long fish, weighing about 5 ~ 600 grams (about one catty) of the Euphorbia fossil (tilapia) fighting pool, as this is the main battle of the fishing race fish species, Therefore, more and more experts can use more and more sub-strand to raise the bar faster fish, and therefore more and more experts feel that the 5th rod has been unable to meet the needs of the rapid pull fish skills, The 6th pole came into being. The pole belongs to the 28th and 37th seasons, but the seventy-seven seasons have been very insignificant. The waist hard selility is harder than No. 5, which is suitable for raising the pole at a faster speed. With dragon tail pole tail, fishing rod operation about the same weight with the No. 5 rod.