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Morewell enterprise since the beginning of the formation, specializing in the production of carbon fiber rod, carbon fiber material improved until T24 (Note) material appears, was gradually used to produce high fishing rod, so the formation of glass fiber, carbon fiber coexistence of the era. Carbon fiber materials, high prices, how to overcome product non-performing rate, has become the key to the survival of the factory. If you stay in the cheap glass fiber production concept, waiting for the quality control after the elimination of bad products, it is difficult to long-term business. Huang total because the long-term production at the grassroots level, so from the fishing rod design stage, the production line stage to completely find out the reasons for poor product, so that each section of the fishing rod from the design, production process to prevent the production of bad products, laying the unique key technical foundation , The concept of advanced production management, is th... [Details]