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Cooler Pipe for split air-conditioning system. Clean Duct for lining system....

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Chi Friends Co., Ltd. was established in 1980,
Taiwan's major metal materials import and export companies.
The main products for all kinds of high conductive copper,
Including copper bus, copper, copper rods, brass, and a variety of copper alloy materials.
In addition, the company took the lead in the introduction of Japan separate air-conditioning with copper pipe,
Promote the domestic home air conditioner market changes.
The company also provides decorative staircase handrail accessories,
Whether it is classical bronze material or modern stainless steel material,
Are in the market a place.

Business philosophy

Professional - to confirm "knowledge that power" is the new economic era of competitiveness!

Service - to establish a service-oriented corporate culture.

Integrity - adhere to the principle of good faith, and partners to establish coexistence and win-win relationship between the win-win situation.

Zhiyou Co., Ltd. in the best use of goods, the purpose of smooth flow of g... [Details]