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Precision metal stamping products

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Cherry Chief Group (Cherry Chief Group) was established in 1980 as a professional electronic metal stamping precision parts and components factory, the supply of international well-known manufacturers, domestic and foreign customers have been well received and affirmed, over the years record highs, Group size of about 3,500 people, is currently actively apply for listing in the Taiwan securities market OTC and in the steady growth.
Qin Qin Group in response to changes in market demand for products and global environmental protection products are valued, is currently engaged in R & D and production of aluminum alloy hull products, continue to drill in the production and research and development in the three places have a large number of factories and staff, With the exception of employees and cadres to carry out the necessary education and training to make it more fully grasp the skills required by the work, and then every day with a positive self-pleasure to work. The company in July 2001 through the ISO-9001 international standard certification, the future will continue to strive for excellence, the pursuit of perfection, to enhance the corporate physique, so that products continue to enhance the enterprise to create sustainable development. We sincerely welcome you to join and work together to create a better future.
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Company Name: CHERRY CHIEF MAF.,CORP Company Type: 企业单位 ()
Area: New Taipei City Company Size:
Registered Capital: N/A Registered Year: 1980
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Business Scope: Precision metal stamping products