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The main business for the sale of agents for the sale of high-quality special...

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Rebide Chemical main business for the supply industry structure and then started the technology, was established in 1998, special chemicals to the state-level suppliers and professional agents for the positioning, for different industrial needs, the company developed a diversity Glue, the supply of various polymer formulations, and strive to meet the different technical specifications of the customer, the Division for the sale of high-quality agents for the sale of special agents include: industrial single / double agent epoxy adhesive, brake skin adhesive, Electronic fiber, mold mold resin, processed resin (on behalf of the wood), the motor packaging resin, DIY then agent, dry film lubricant and water-based fluoride release agent products, the industry can provide more environmentally friendly customers, more High-quality lubrication and release from the mold requirements.

Rebide Chemical continues to actively introduce single and dual fluid type adhesives and sealants suitable fo... [Details]