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Pet care
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Updated: 2017-11-03 15:46
After years of industry-academia cooperation with the Fisheries Experiment Committee of COFI of the Executive Yuan and many good public praise and affirmation in the field of human health food, Hi-Q China Marine Biotechnology found that in response to the changes of the times, the pet has become a modern family new member. However, in addition to refined human diet, the pet's civilized disease also gradually increased. Environmental external factors such as disinfectant in water, insecticide, pollution of pesticide residues in drinking water food and the like also make pets more and more vulnerable to the threat of cancer. Years of research and exact experiments have confirmed that Taiwan's small molecule fucoidan is produced by a special "low molecular weight" technology, which makes it easier for pets to eat and drink and to strengthen their physiological functions. This can help pets to suppress tumors, regulate immunity and relieve dermatitis symptoms , Improve liver function and more have a significant effect. China Marine Biotech also cooperated with the clinical observation of veterinarians to find that Taiwan's small molecule fucoidan can improve the health of pets in many aspects so that pets can maintain their best condition every day.