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System integration of goods, CITIC Bureau case

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The company was established in the Republic of China in 86 years, the capital of 110 million, is the OTC Taiwan National Computer (5410), a wholly owned subsidiary. The company is the international network of giant Cisco (Cisco) of the region's agents, to provide Taiwan Bank co-supply contract (formerly known as CITIC Bureau). The company's main business: ‧ Taiwan Bank Co-supply Contract ‧ Information about government agencies and public services • System integration and professional services ‧ Internet and e-commerce related government projects The company specializes in information products sales and information-related services system integration, deep plowing government agencies, State-owned undertakings, and consortia and other large customers, covering the military, public, political, teaching, police, medical, intelligence and other fields.
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Company Name: leoimage.technology,INC Company Type: 企业单位 ()
Area: New Taipei City Company Size:
Registered Capital: N/A Registered Year: 1997
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Business Scope: System integration of goods, CITIC Bureau case
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