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Welly Special Printed Products Co.,Ltd.

Price machine, price tag paper, bar code machine, bar code paper

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"Company Overview:
The company was established in 1992 in 1992, for the MOTEX price Taiwan distributor, recently more representative of the Italian Open, Welly the price of the machine and the Japanese TOWA manual labeling machine, the company and foreign manufacturers to do the idea of communication and quality technology Exchange, together for the price of the machine market into a new life, can be said to set off a "low consumption of high quality" of the wind, but also for the company in Taiwan laid a stable market.
With the international bar code heat wave, the company also Bingzhe follow the spirit of the past, combined with domestic and foreign bar code machine factory, a substantial promotion of bar code machines, peripheral products and supplies. In addition to thanks to the love of the outside world, but also hope that the new rain educated us, give us more upward power, let us together "move" together.

The company has a printing plant, printing machines are computer equi... [Details]