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The original US-car maintenance tools to start, there are more than 30 years, for mechanical skills and expertise with deep experience and in 1983 established the MADA brand, in 1997 formally applied for patent trademarks and in use so far, for the professional Of tire pressure gauge and inflator manufacturers and exporters, and is widely used in ball games, bicycles (American, British, French), locomotives, cars, construction vehicles, aircraft, in Taiwan, Japan and other countries A number of patents.

We provide professional and high-quality products, 100% before shipment will be rigorously tested and confirmed after the delivery of products to customers in the hands, to meet customer expectations and needs, but also because of this, in the market to win the trust of customers, and praise, has Marketing more than 40 countries around the world.

In addition to tire pressure gauges, inflatable head, if an order more than a certain number, we also provide OEM OEM services and need... [Details]