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City Wall Enterprise. Co., Ltd.

Infrared detectors remote control Anti - theft host Alarm horn Parking equipment

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Longguang Enterprise Co., Ltd. since its inception in 1983, uphold a serious and responsible attitude, manufacturing
All kinds of electronic anti-theft devices, especially in the control of infrared detectors is the leading industry, technology super
Group, quality and stability, praised for all circles.

Control infrared detector items complete, to meet a variety of industry needs, digital four-track initiative is wisdom
Hui-type high-performance products, indoor and outdoor dual-track relative infrared detectors, reflective infrared detectors,
A wide range of well-designed, quality control, export the world dozens of countries.

Another microcomputer control host, all kinds of alarm horn, digital password switch, induction card reader, control
Electric locks, remote control system, magnetic switch, as well as lane number light boxes and parking automatic control system.

Longguang enterprises optimistic and enterprising, serious and responsible, welcome all hesitate to advise. [Details]