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Mobile pond aeration aerator

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Mobile Pond Aerator


In recent years, due to overexploitation of marine resources, resulting in a substantial increase in fishing costs of marine fish, coupled with serious seawater pollution, so environmental issues are increasingly valued, and because of the demand for fish and shellfish grow steadily, so gradually change the land Aquaculture market demand growth, people's awareness of food safety, more and more people prefer to purchase organic non-toxic environment in the growth of seafood, and governments also issued seafood heavy metals and pesticide residues standards The

Ten years ago, a fisherman friend and Shengwen technology talked about the hope that there is more than traditional fish water or shrimp water tanker more durable, better oxygen effect of aquaculture equipment, fishermen friends demand opened The interest of the technology in the fish. After years of continuous attempt and research and development, than the impeller water heater performance more outstanding water spray Chi mobi... [Details]
Mobile Pond Aerator