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New Wun Ching Developmental Publishing Company Ltd.


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Company Profile

New Wun Ching Developmental Publishing Company Ltd. originated in the Republic of China sixty years (AD 1971) founded by Wenjing Book Co., Ltd. Is a long history of book publishing business.

From the beginning of the business to the main school of mechanical science department textbooks, the development of the field so far published a wide range, including high school, vocational, technical college, technical college, university, university and other school textbooks at all levels, Common subjects, general education courses, to science and technology, business, health care, leisure sightseeing, design, beauty makeup and other departments of the textbooks have.

Xinwen Jing uphold the new business philosophy and quality first, service-oriented work creed , with exquisite publishing quality and actively operate the Taiwan education book publishing business, and efficient business team, to provide universities and Technical, tertiary institutions the most comple... [Details]