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Toppy Biotech Co., Ltd.

To provide all kinds of skin care products OEM / ODM / own brand, from the fo...

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Taijun Biotechnology Co., Ltd., since its establishment in 2001, is committed to the beauty products

R & D and manufacturing, feel the quality of beauty care products is not only creative, aesthetic, technology, quality

The overall show, but also to create a beautiful world one of the fastest way, in the new North City, the new store, set up

Cosmetics factory, with enthusiasm and full of energy, to achieve the United States adhere to the ideal.

We understand that only continuous innovation, in order to allow enterprises to continue to expand and reach sustainable business

Goal, the company since its establishment, both knot and biotechnology new material new research and development, or professional

The promotion of manufacturing, are for the pursuit of natural, safe and effective series of products and hope that

Full of different needs of the skin, by external beauty, to stimulate the performance of internal self-confidence, wake up each

People are the potential beauty ... [Details]