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Health food first brand - Germany and Germany appropriate strong attack Taiwa...

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Taiwan Baoli Li Biotechnology Co., Ltd. focused on research and development of functional health care products, accumulated 10 years of successful experience. From the beauty of skin care products, medical equipment, health food, etc., to become the best creators of many health stars; not only sold in Taiwan, more marketing model will be copied to Europe, the United States and Canada, Japan and South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia The world. Long-term in the composition of the study, formula design, customer demand analysis, customer service and other direction of the depth of hard work. We developed the goods, long-term provision of large foreign retail distributors, TV shopping channels, product sales results dazzling. In Taiwan, just through the mail order phone and customer contacts, long and frequent contact, not only let us accumulate 100,000 customers, but also let us in Taiwan this arduous and competitive environment, operating for 10 years. [Details]