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Chin Mou Co., Ltd.

LCP (liquid crystalline polymer), PA (nylon), PBT (dibutyl terephthalate), PE...

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Chin Mou Co., Ltd. was founded in 1975, initially operating PP, PE general generic grade plastic-based, in 1982 made DuPont's agent in Taiwan, officially entered the field of engineering plastics, and today, and We have dozens of suppliers of strategic partnerships, including LCP (liquid crystalline polymer), PA (nylon), PBT (dibutyl terephthalate), PET (p-xylene (Polycarbonate), PPS (polysulfide), SPS (para-polystyrene), and TPU, TPEE, TPR, TPV elastomers. The and many more.
Chin Mou Co., Ltd. has accumulated more than 30 years of engineering plastics expertise, the service has more than a thousand customers (leaving the transaction record of more than 5700 customers), product categories throughout the Taiwan various industries ; Such as the automotive industry, the toy industry, medical equipment, sports equipment, home appliances, footwear. The and many more. [Details]