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Nature Valley Industrial Co., Ltd.

1. Household cleaning products (OEM) 2. Car cleaning beauty DIY series of goo...

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The company was founded in 1979, the creation of its own brand "Kang Jie"; to the home cleaning
As the main products, in view of the requirements of customers and increase the scope of services, in 1985
Year development and sale of a number of automotive cleaning supplies, has accumulated so far, the product has been
Up to 74 items.

30 years of production and development experience, after the RT-Mart, love to buy and Carrefour and other own brand clear
main products:
Household cleaning products: Enzyme million with tyrants, paper removal agent, water dredge agent, horse
Bucket clear
Agents, glass cleaners, dishwashing, floor cleaners, kitchen cleaners, bathroom cleaning agents
, Laundry detergent, detergent, soft fine, wood floor cleaner, bleach, antibacterial hand washing
Milk, dry hand.

Car care: decathlon cleaners, tire protection wax, oil film removal, wipers ... [Details]