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"China Color" is a constant pursuit of the printing company, we continue to adhere to and customer cooperation and growth, and the concept of combining to create "value" to meet customers in order to pursue the trend of Chen Xin, so that "printing" pride not be Vulgar auction, but also to help customers in the international arena to show its strength, so that the focus of the world can fall in Taiwan. We respond quickly to market changes with flat organization, accountability, task grouping and matrix management, and to make E throughout the organization to achieve our goals. At the same time to accumulate a wealth of years of experience in printing and high-quality adhere to the "fast delivery, quality and good service," three goals to meet the full range of customer needs. In recent years, in response to the development trend of e-century printing technology, China has completed a number of foreign prepress center set, production process automation, CTP equipment and technology im... [Details]